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Do you know that...

  • …over 50 different authors wrote the Bible?
  • The books of the Bible are written in various styles and reflect different personalities of their authors. Among them there were lawyers, farmers, historians, medical doctors, fishermen, preachers, civil servants and musicians. To write each of the books God chose a person whose personality and education were suitable for his aims at various times. For example, to show corruption and exploitation by the upper classes Israel's society, he has used an exploited farmer Amos. He used a person with a thorough education like Paul to develop and apply the teachings of Christ in the first Church.

    Although so many different people wrote the Bible, its main and constantly present in its entire books theme is the redemption of mankind by God. All its parts are coherent and logically connected.

  • …the New Testament is the best document-based source of the antique times?
  • We have got 24 600 manuscripts (complete or parts) of the New Testament. The second place according to the number of preserved copies belongs to the manuscripts of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (only 543 copies). What's more, if we suddenly lost all the manuscripts we could still be able to reconstruct the entire NT (well, except 11 verses…) from Christian scripts written up to the year 325 AD (by the so-called Fathers of The Church). There's more! The events described in the Gospels and Acts are confirmed in the judicial files of The Roman Empire, that's in the resources unfriendly towards Christianity!

    (Based on the book "Jesus. More Than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell)

  • …there are over 300 prophesies of the Old Testament that concern Jesus?
  • All of them were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Events in Jesus' life were predicted in the scriptures of the Old Testament hundreds of years before his birth.

    The table below presents some most important Old Testament prophesies which anticipated Jesus.

    The predictions' content Where in the Old Testament Fulfillment
    Jesus will be a descendant of king David Jeremiah 33, 14-15 Matthew 1, 1.6.16
    Jesus will be born in Bethlehem Micah 5, 2 Luke 2, 1-6. 21
    Jesus will live in Capernaum (in the land of Zebulun and Naphtali) Isaiah 9,1 Matthew 4, 12-13
    He will teach using parables Psalm 78 and the following Matthew 13, 34
    He will enter Jerusalem riding on a donkey Zechariah 9, 9 Mark 11, 3-7
    He will be betrayed by his friend Psalm 41, 9 John 13, 21. 26. 30
    He will be sold for the price of thirty pieces of silver Zechariah 11, 12-13 Matthew 26, 14-15
    He will be considered a transgressor Isaiah 53, 12 Mark 15, 25-27
    His hands and feet will be pierced Psalm 22,16 Luke 23, 33.35-36
    His garments will be divided and they will cast lots for his clothing Psalm 22,18 John 19,23-24
    For his thirst, he will be given vinegar and gall Psalm 69,21 John 19, 28-29
    In spite of the common crucifixion practice, his bones will not be broken (although the villains crucified with Jesus had their legs broken!) Psalm 34,20 John 19,31-34
    He will be pierced in a side Zechariah 12, 10 John 19,34
    There will be a sun eclipse in the time of his death Amos 8,9 Matthew 27,45-46

    It is totally improbable for even only 8 prophecies to be fulfilled in any single person. According to the probability factor it has been counted that the chance of such situation occurring equals 1:1017.

    Below I quote from Josh McDowell book "Jesus. More Than The Carpenter":

    ... it occurs that the chance for anyone of all the people that lived up to the present moment to fulfill all eight prophecies is as 1:100 000 000 000 000 000. To help us imagine how big this number is, Stoner gives the following picture: Let’s suppose that we took 1:1017 of silver one-dollar coins and we put them on the ground of the Texas state. [The area of Texas is over twice as big as that area of Poland.] They would cover the entire state with layer 60 cm thick. Now mark one of those coins and stir this entire mass on the surface of the whole state. Blindfold somebody and allow him or her to go as far as they like, but they have to pick up the one-dollar coin, exactly the one you’ve marked. What’s the probability of picking the marked coin? The same as fulfilling all eight prophecies in any sigle person from the time the’ve been written down to the present day. (…) Now either the prophecies were inspired by God or the prophets wrote according to their own estimation. In the latter case, they only had one chance at 1:1017 for their prophecies to be fulfilled in a single person. However they were all fulfilled in a cocrete time and place in the person of Chist. This means that the fulfillment of even just these eight prophecies at once is o proof that they were inspired by God, a proof so expressive that mathematically speaking it takes only one chance at 1:1017 for it to be absolute…
  • …God has foretold Israel will be scattered and then gathered again?
  • God has told Israelites at the very beginning that if they didn't obey the Law, he would touch them with various plagues and scatter his nation (Deuteronomy 28, 58-68). You can point to many periods in the history of Israel when they were under occupation. The last and the longest exile started in the year 70 AD when the Roman Emperor Titus conquered Jerusalem. The country of Israel disappeared from the map of the world.

    However, the prophets of the Old Testament (e.g. Isaiah – around 732 BC, Ezekiel – 591 BC) foretold that Israelites would be gathered again. In 1878 in Palestine a first colony of Jewish emigrants was formed and on the 14th of May 1948 the state of Israel was officially established. After nearly 2000 years Jews from almost every country in the world returned to their homeland. So it fulfilled words of the following prophecy: Ezekiel 36,24, Isaiah 11,11-12, Isaiah 43,5-6, Jeremiah 31,7-12

    Jews that lived scattered throughout this entire time have maintained their national identity. There hasn't been a single case like that in the entire world's history.

  • …Jesus will come again to earth as a King, not as a little child?
  • Our ideas about Jesus are correlated with his first coming, when he was born just like every child and then died on a cross. However the Bible foretells that Jesus is going to come to earth once again. This time though he will not come in the form of a weak man. According to the Scriptures it will be a coming “in glory and power”. Some of the passages in which we can read about this event are: Zechariah 14:5, Malachi 3:1, Matthew 16:28, Matthew 25:31, Revelation 19:11-16.

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